Hello there! I’m adding an internal wheels cache f...
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Hello there! I’m adding an internal wheels cache for pants and it’s a self-signed certificate for the url that’s serving it so when I run pants it throws back
WARNING: Retrying (Retry(total=0, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None, status=None)) after connection broken by 'SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError("hostname
… seems like using
would “fix” that but I’m not sure how to do that / if there’s a better workaround
it’s PEX that actually does wheel resolution: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/
depending which version of pants you’re using, more or less options might be exposed for that.
but the pex CLI only seems to expose
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--proxy=PROXY       Specify a proxy in the form
    --cert=PATH         Path to alternate CA bundle.
    --client-cert=PATH  Path to an SSL client certificate which should be a
                        single file containing the private key and the
                        certificate in PEM format.
that’s really helpful, I’m gonna give it a try. Thanks @witty-crayon-22786!
a particular Pants version uses a particular Pex version
I’m using 1.30.0 not sure which pex it’s on it
the options may also not necessarily be exposed out of Pants… the most likely place would be here: https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.0/docs/reference-python-setup