Hi there, I’m trying to use local wheels and I’m n...
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Hi there, I’m trying to use local wheels and I’m not sure if
is actually getting the .whl files from the folder. What I have on my toml file is:
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repos.add = "%(buildroot)s/.wheels
One of the reasons I’m doing this is to try to speed up the test/bundle by not having to download any dependency from the internet (we have tensorflow and other ML libraries) and under our proxy things take forever 😞
I'm not sure what version this was added (1.27 maybe?) but you could try running this command on your target to see if pants is picking up your third party requirements
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./pants dependencies --type=3rdparty helloworld/util
FWIW, we have a few wheels that are picked up from a directory and this is what our toml looks like:
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repos = [
Hi! Also see the tooltip on https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.0/docs/python-third-party-dependencies Turns out that we supported local wheels for a while via PEP 440, but didn’t realize it until last week
Also more like that repos.add still includes PyPI. You likely want Christian’s approach it only
, which will override the default of PyPI.
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@important-librarian-62877 it is picking up the dependencies 🙂
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and your approach on using
repos =
instead of
made it faster.
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another issue that I’m having is with the
file. For some reason it seems like it’s not using it. I always have a couple of libs breaking the build process such as:
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pex.resolver.Unsatisfiable: Failed to resolve compatible distributions:

1: rasa==1.10.2 requires coloredlogs<11.0,>=10.0 but coloredlogs 14.0 was resolved
but I have the
file set.. my
file doesnt have everything that’s inside
only the libs that I add to my
Are you using the v2 engine or v1 engine? That feature only works with v2 unfortunately
Noooooo 😢
I feel bad about asking this but any prospect on that wonderful CA SSL thing being resolved? Is there anything that I can do to help?
Hm cc @happy-kitchen-89482, do you have a chance to either look today, or point Thales or me in the right direction? Idk if you started taking a look yet.
I was going to work on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/10746 tomorrow, but I’ll switch to it today. I’m not sure if that would fix your issue - it would at least let the no proxy workaround apply
When I try using the v2 it can’t even download the pex binary when it’s bootstraping. It doenst trust the source because of the self-signed cert that we have to use, that’s why we need to set up the
and others to point to our cert.
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The thing is that Rust doesnt seem to have any env variable to fix that so.. 😞
The thing is that Rust doesnt seem to have any env variable to fix that so.. 😞
I was going to say that we can pass any arbitrary env var. But I’m not certain if Rust would recognize it. I haven’t checked. One thing that would help a lot is if you know of some way for us to simulate your proxy and test that this works. Of course, we can’t use your actual proxy, but I’m wondering if there’s some type of config we could use to simulate the environment.
I’ll see if I can find something to make this environment reproducible. So far I found this
tool that might do it. I’ll try to set up that for you.
Thank you!