Starting to get an error pretty frequently in Pant...
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Starting to get an error pretty frequently in Pants 1.30 when running
big stack trace in thread
Not quire sure how to interpret this. Seems as if our CI/CS env is polluted and its causing issued when trying to install black?
The command im running:
./pants --no-v1 fmt src/braze:lib src/braze/core:report
actually it looks like the black wheel is installed already, which then causes a stdin read, but since its CI/CD it terminates?
does that sound accurate?
Gr, that’s happening more frequently? We saw that same “input EOF” error in our CI a couple times. John fixed this in, which went out in Pex 2.1.13. It looks like 1.30.x is still on Pex 2.1.12 😕 I’ve been meaning to cherry-pick a couple bug fixes to Pants 1.30.x so that we can do a 1.30.1 release. Only got blocked by Google Remote Execution shutting down, which led to a big CI issue from tests taking much longer etc. I’ll deal with that today so that we can get this fix out for you
In the meantime, the gross answer is to restart CI 😕 It was flaky behavior for us
yeah pretty bad starting this week
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Woah, that’s really bad. It was maybe once every 200 runs for us
i thikn i had seen occasionally too
Yeah I’ll definitely prioritize getting out 1.30.1rc1 today (rc0 has been out for a while)
thanks 🙂
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