Thank you <@U051221NF> <@UB2J9BQA0> I can pip inst...
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Thank you @happy-kitchen-89482 @hundreds-father-404 I can pip install external packages behind a proxy with 2.0.0a3 👍 👍
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For context, how are you setting this up? There’s the new CA Certs thing, and then also the allowlist in
Yes, I have the below in pants.toml
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env_vars = ['LANG', 'LC_ALL', 'http_proxy', 'https_proxy']
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Okay, another contributor John is working today it sounds like and taking a look at the
issue. That’s a Pip flag, not a Pex flag, so he’s seeing why it’s being set to a tmpdir and how to wire things up Benjy or I can take a look tomorrow into what’s going on with internal packages. One thing to double check. You mentioned “that command works if not run through pants.“. Is that running via Pip directly? Could you please try running via Pex? You can install pex a couple ways. Personally, I like
pipx install pex
, but
pip install pex
works too. Then, run something like
pex --repo http://... req1 req2 req3
This will help us to isolate if the issue is with Pex and the python-repos string, or if it’s with Pants and the proxy.
this is very much appreciated, but there is no rush. please enjoy your weekends 😃
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pex --index=<my-artifactory> <internal-pkg>
works: it opens an interpreter with the package in it (taken from /tmp/...)
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Sorry to re-open this old thread but the issue persists with pants 2.0.0b3
That’s okay, Thales found the same issue. Rc0 should fix it - there were a couple layers involved, concluding in a pip issue that Pex had to hack around
fantastic! thank you