Hello, Pants community, it has been a while. Does ...
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Hello, Pants community, it has been a while. Does anyone know if there is cython / nuitka support for compiling down to a compiled binary?
Hey @gorgeous-eve-12553! Great to hear from you. Do you mean something like running
./pants binary
./pants setup-py
on your code, which is Cython compatible, and having Pants give back a compiled binary? There isn’t first-class support for Cython yet, but I’m interested what the scope is of what you’re looking for. We also recently finished documenting our new Plugin API, which makes it much much easier to write functionality like this than it was before with the v1 engine: https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/plugins-overview
Yes, I want pants to produce a program.exe file or progran.bin type thing. I'm using pants 2.0 though, it is much cooler 😎
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Awesome, glad to hear you were able to upgrade! How are you building with Cython atm? I’ve only used it when contributing to some libraries in the past. It looks like their docs say `python setup.py build_ext`: https://cython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/src/quickstart/build.html It looks like you can also manually invoke
, and you can also use