With pants 1.30.1, I am getting the following erro...
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With pants 1.30.1, I am getting the following error:
ValueError: '/Users/me/.pants.d/tmprshp3zu0' does not start with '/Users/me/dev/mymonorepo'
when I run
./pants repl
. I am still upgrading our
file from an earlier version, so it may have something to do with that.
Any suggestions on what could be causing this would be appreciated.
The exact command I am running is
./v2 repl 3rdparty/python:click
in case the target matters.
Hello! Oh, hm, you relocated your pantsd folder to be somewhere else, right? You were having issues about a month ago with it being in the normal location iirc? I suspect that is the issue, rather than pants.toml The code is written to create a tmpdir in the .pantsd folder, and that will fail if it’s not in the build root. Once we diagnose if that’s the issue in fact, we can think through solutions, possibly including us patching 1.30
Since before 1.18 we've put the
directory in the users home directory instead of their checked out directory. I'll set this back to the default and see what I get.
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Okay. Let us know if that works and also if you need to indeed keep the folder in the users home directory, and we can figure out a workaround for this edge case :)
I've confirmed that when I set
I get the error. When I don't se it (i.e. use the default) it works.
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For now I will leave it as default.
Okay. Do you recall why y’all changed it to be the home directory? I think you were having issues with caching iirc?
We wanted people to be able to check out multiple copies of our repo and use the same cache.
This decision was made a long time ago and was done to speed up
Ah, okay. With the v2 engine, you’d get that benefit because the cache is now
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That’s awesome y’all are on 1.30.1. It sounds like using v2 for some things as well? How’s an upgrade to 2.0 looking? Anything we can help with?
The company is on 1.27. I am trying to get our test suite to work on 1.30.1 so I can then do the v2 switch.
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Should I just pound on version 2.0.0 as that is my ultimate goal? Or is it better to work out the bugs with 1.30.1 first?
Right now I am getting an error that sometimes works but mostly fails.
I guess I will start a new thread with that one.
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Usually we’d recommend first upgrading to 1.30.1, but then trying to do a fast followup to 2.0 because you get the past 3 months of polish we’ve been putting on things. The surface area will be slower going from 1.30.1 to 2.0 than from 1.27 to 2.0