Hello! I'm trying to write a custom target in orde...
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Hello! I'm trying to write a custom target in order to compile Open Dynamics Engine (written in C) & import the Python library that gets generated as an artifact of compilation into my project. Is there already a way that Pants 2 can do something like this? or am I going to have to write a plugin myself? For reference, here's the compilation process that I'm currently performing manually:
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(env)$ cd ode-0.16.2
(env)$ ./configure --enable-double-precision --with-trimesh=opcode --enable-new-trimesh --enable-shared
(env)$ make
(env)$ make install
(env)$ cd bindings/python/
(env)$ pip install cython
(env)$ pip install .
Hello! Welcome. Could you please cross-post this to the #plugins channel? A user earlier in the day actually was asking about a similar thing with using Cython. Check out the thread with Noah for a roadmap of how I recommend they implement it. I think your approach would be very similar, that you create a custom target and then add a codegen implementation to convert your C code into whatever the artifact type is. (What’s the file extension?) I’m glad you reached out, we’re happy to help with writing plugins 🙂
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Definitely, let me cross post it there & I'll add the info you asked for
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