Feedback on v2.0.0rc0 In my particular case taking...
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Feedback on v2.0.0rc0 In my particular case taking out the
field from
is producing a lot of extra work in making the jump to the new version. I'm going to edit the 111 files, but to save someone else some work that could be spread out over time, couldn't this be a
that gets depreciated in 2.1.0dev0? It is a similar change as the simplification of
. I guess you could make it not do anything but still exist so we don't get stopped by the "Unrecognized field" error.
Yes, it can be. I can add this back for rc1 tomorrow. Please save yourself the time from doing it tonight!
🙏🏽 1
And please let us know if there are any other changes like this that we can make to facilitate the upgrade!
(you’ll be able to use
to not have to update things until a follow up)