ran into a problem trying to run `--no-pantsd` in ...
# general
ran into a problem trying to run
in parallel in CI...
basically i'm running
./pants $targetopts lint
./pants $targetopts test
in parallel in the same workspace
is this a kinda thing that's supposed to work, or am i trying bad stuff
parallel runs with pantsd do not work right now
those error messages are coming from lmdb, and it makes sense that multiple pants runs in the same repo would try to access the same database at the same time and fail
I'm running without pantsd
@hundreds-breakfast-49010: lmdb is concurrency safe in the context of multiple processes: this should work.
if this is docker, you might be running into resource limits… either file handles or virtual memory
@flat-zoo-31952: are the two runs in different docker containers?
Yes different containers, same mounted cache
I can try in the same container
but yea: this should absolutely work, sorry. adding to the queue.