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11/05/2020, 6:22 PM
hey folks! we’re kicking off a prioritization effort today to help guide the project post 2.0! whether you are a past, present, or future Pants user, we need your feedback!: … this is a great opportunity to help get your blocker prioritized, or put a finishing touch on something that is nagging at you!
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submit as many times as you’d like: we’re looking for all ideas, and repeating stuff that is or isn’t already in github is 100% fine
submissions are very short (280 characters!), and we’ll triage all of them after they’re received, so no need to worry about submitting “the perfect idea”: all ideas are helpful!
also a great candidate here is languages that you’d like to see supported! we’ve heard feedback recently about JVM languages (Java primarily), but what else would people like to use?
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twenty responses! awesome. keep em coming folks!
more than 30 responses! thanks a ton. please keep submitting any changes that you’d like to see. this is the list of ideas so far, so if you see something missing, we’d love to know!:
37 responses! thank you everyone. please continue to submit things as you think of them.
if there isn’t a big uptick in responses, we’ll probably close Round One on wednesday
hey folks! submissions are now closed! we’ll open up voting on all submissions tomorrow morning, but for now: please take a look at the github issues that have been created, and help to make sure that they accurately represent what you’d like to see!
alright! it’s time for the most important part: everyone please take as much time as you’d like to score the submitted ideas. you do not have to score all of them. votes are anonymous, but you do need to log in for Quality Purposes. get your voice heard, and help the project prioritize the next few months!
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this effort is finally completed! thanks for your participation: