I am getting a "Could not find a compatible interp...
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I am getting a "Could not find a compatible interpreter" error with a constraint string of
CPython<3,<4,>=2.7.17,>=3.6.8 OR CPython<3,<4,>=2.7.17,>=3.6.8,>=3.6.9'
. Doesn't 2.7.17 satisfies this constraint?
I think commas mean and, so your first clause says >=2.7.17 AND >=3.6.8
From Eric's recent blog post: "Final merged constraints: CPython==2.7.*,>=3.5 OR CPython>=3.5" resolves to 3.5+.
The formatting is strange.
yeah the comma means AND the first constraint is unsatisifable, same with second. The
is messing things because you also have
I want to add a change to simplify constraints and eagerly detect when it’s unsatisfiable, but can’t figure out how to implement it Does
./pants py-constraints path/to/file.py
help with seeing where these constraints are coming from? Also what are you hoping this code will use?
We just made the changes we needed so we can run the v2.1.0 version. Will try that out today.
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I reopened https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/11072. I agree it’s really confusing to have constraints that are unsatisfiable in the final constraint - ideally, Pants would detect in this case that it’s unsatisfiable and would complain
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