According to documentation: `To force your tests t...
# general
According to documentation:
To force your tests to run again, rather than reading from the cache, run ./pants test --force path/...
I am getting
Unrecognized command line flags on scope 'test': --force
Any ideas what can be wrong there?
Does the documentation version you're reading match the pants version you're using?
... the flag works as you quoted from the docs on Pants master from a quick check just now.
Thank you. My bad - it is from newer version.
if you need any help upgrading, please let us know!
the majority of the project’s attention is going into the 2.x.y releases now, and only a few fixes are being released for 1.30.z still
to your original question: on 1.x, pants, skipping the cache for tests was
./pants test --cache-ignore ..