Hi! I am looking to build a quick scalatest plugin...
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Hi! I am looking to build a quick scalatest plugin for v1.30 - The Junit plugin is not working for Scalatest 3.2 (I need to change source test files to make it work) I was wondering - Can I use the V2 api even though the scala part will use scala_lib?
Hello! You could use it, but it likely would require much more work than you’d like and would be more or less recreating Scala in v2. For example, you’d have to add a rule for compilation and another for resolving dependencies using v2 It would likely be more fruitful to try to tweak the pre-existing v1 implementation, or if you had the time, pair with us on jump starting v2 Scala in newer Pants versions. While we’re still finalizing prioritizing, it’s looking like it’s unlikely we’d get to Scala in the next half year - but as an open source project, we are always hugely appreciative of contributors and that’s the best way to jumpstart something. We really are happy to pair on it.
Thanks for the answer! Means I will probably look at tweaking the v1 for now. If I get some bandwith to help with v2 scala will let you know! I was looking at the Junit Subsystem and comparing and scalafmt Subsystem. I can't find how scalafmt subsystem is initialized. Any pointer? From the Junit it looks like it is using
but scalafmt doesn't seem to. Trying to find an example I could inspire myself to instantiate the scalatest Jar and run it through pants. Which I guess is a mix of Junit and scalafmt