<@U01831H8LD7> We have been using those that we up...
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@gorgeous-eve-12553 We have been using those that we upgraded internally to make it work with 1.30 https://github.com/toddgardner/pants-plugins
So, you have V1 external plugins and you just convert them to V2 as needed?
We are currently only using the docker one
I could send you the code
As referenced below we have an issue with intellij import though
Also check out https://gist.github.com/jriddy/a1ffb28a41ed3927f0f4a3d68408721c for a v2 docker plugin from @flat-zoo-31952
@gorgeous-eve-12553 we’re happy to help with plugins. I’m glad you joined #plugins and please let us know when you have questions or find something confusing. Beyond us wanting to help, it’s useful for us to know what can be improved