Hi guys, Other day, new issue :slightly_smiling_fa...
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Hi guys, Other day, new issue 🙂 We realized that we weren't processing the coverage tests properly: we are trying to have the CI always run test with coverage. We realized that the scoverage plugin is outputing several reports for the same class, we upload all of them to codecov but they only pick up one per class. If that one is not the one of the last batch of test, then it will show 0 coverage for the files that got tested in a different test batch. Looking through the code it looks like this is something known, ie the
flag describes as
Export cobertura formats which would allow users to merge with cobertura coverage for java targets.
The question thus is the following, historically how have you been solving this? Do you have a tool that can do merges of reports that would prevent the batches from being a problem? thank you
Hm, I have no familiarity with how JVM coverage works but others might. Might this be relevant? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26469072/is-there-anyway-to-merge-cobertura-coverage-xml-reports-together
We will try this out see if that helps
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Let us know if you find something that works! We're going to need this mechanism for v2 JVM support so that pants can automate it
actually it looks like I messed up my scalatest plugin, there is a function in there called is_batch that I did not edit whilst I had changed how batches gets computed
it looks like it solves the problem
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