Am I correct that when setting up for CI/CD I need...
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Am I correct that when setting up for CI/CD I need both a
and a
? I have set the env_var
. Linting complains that the version should be set in the GLOBAL section in
. But I have specified it in
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pants_version = "2.2.0"
I thought maybe it does not use that env_var. I tested setting the env_var and removing, then it complains that is missing as it should. So the only way to make it work for me is having both and files. I can of course rename the
and not setting the env_var.
Hi! You do not need, only it's often a useful pattern to augment/override settings that are only useful in CI. pants.toml will still be used too Yes, pants_version should be in pants.toml and there's no need to put it in both
Alright, thanks 🙂 I didn’t get that from the docs, but reading it again now I can see that it is hinted. guess it could be clearer, but I’ll leave that up to you guys to decide upon 😄
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