Random q, but if pants v2 doesn’t support scala an...
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Random q, but if pants v2 doesn’t support scala and doesn’t have it in the roadmap for the first half, how is twitter using it?
short answer: they’re not planning to migrate to 2.0
but we’ll be ready and waiting when they change their minds 😃
seems like a heck of a lot of work
Yeah. They gave an update at the last Bazel con, and it sounded like they had at least a year and a half to go.
We're confident that pants can continue to have a better Python experience, and that we can be competitive for the JVM as well.
I think we can be a lot better with Python, and quite a lot better for JVM, especially if you're writing custom rules.
We would like to have JVM support in the summer-ish, depending on whether we can find interested orgs to partner with, who can also contribute some of the work (which means their use-cases would be the first ones to be taken care of).
yeah bazel scala support is not great