We just put on a new pair today and merged the upg...
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We just put on a new pair today and merged the upgrade from v1.25 to v2.2 into master! Thanks again for all your help along the way. I imagine the coming days will surface a few things that we missed that the developers encounter but 🙏
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Yay! I hope the other devs enjoy the upgrade :) Please do pass along their feedback if you get a chance. We hear a lot from folks who are invested in Pants already (which is awesome!), but it's harder to get feedback from the every day users who are not their org's Pants admins
for sure
hooray! and not to jinx anything, but: we’re ready to help if things go sideways 😃
Some feedback from a dev: “pantsv2 django startup feels much faster, i haven’t tried the autoreload version yet but it’s almost not necessary” Some context, the native django autoreload functionality is broken in v2 and I wrote a wrapper around pants run that does pid tracking and an inotifywait and re-execs the pants run but like the dev said, almost unnecessary. (Still be nice to get that
functional on run goal tho 🙂
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Yay! 2.3.0rc2 should make it even faster by removing Pex's startup overhead for things like
, and
🙂 +1 on
, that's on the roadmap for this year
awesome, yah i think we still have a lot of pex_binary’s that have source fields/interpreter_constraints so we have to remove those first before moving to 2.3 but that’s good to know!
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