Couldn't find this in the docs... we're advised to...
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Couldn't find this in the docs... we're advised to use
to use a dedicated CI toml file when running from CI (to disable the dynamic ui among others) but this seems duplicative, and the name
seems to imply that we can use multiples. Does this "or" the files together or some such, ie can we
to not duplicate things, ie have
but overwrite/supplement keys with
? If so, I assume order matters?
Hey Vic, good question. Indeed, you can use multiple. It's a list option: When you do
, that means you're appending to the list, so you still have
. If you want to override, you would set to
Also, it's valid to not have a CI config file. It can be useful, but not required
Updated to try to clear that up for future users. Feedback appreciated!
Thaaank you 🙂 I really did look first, sorry!
No need to apologize! The docs weren't as clear as they could have been. Thank you for bringing it up - that's how this project gets better 🙂