is this a typo in the docs: <https://www.pantsbuil...
# general
is this a typo in the docs:
. ['foo==1.8', 'bar<=3 ; python\_version<'3'].
instead of
. ['foo==1.8', 'bar<=3 ; python_version<'3'].
It's an issue with the markdown escaping
It's been very very difficult to get things to render correctly
I'll take a look, I think we're getting closer to correctness...
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Thanks for the report @polite-garden-50641
This is very weird - that page has several other cases of the same escaped underscore, and they all render fine except this one. Trying to figure out what the difference is in this case.
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OK, it has to do with whether the text is in a <p> block or not
Hm. I remember I added the
block very intentionally, pretty sure so that newlines rendered correctly when a section has multiple "paragraphs" or a list