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04/19/2021, 7:37 PM
Happy Monday everyone! Excited to announce some upcoming conference talks of interest to the Pants community: On May 3rd at 6 AM PT I'll be speaking at PyCon Israel: - Topic: "Python monorepos: what, why and how" - Abstract: - Registration (free this year): On May 14th at 9:15 AM PT I will be speaking at PyCon US: - Topic: "Creating extensible workflows with off-label use of Python" (this is basically about lessons learned from building the Pants execution engine) - Abstract: On that same day, at 1 PM PT, @hundreds-father-404 will also be speaking at PyCon US, in Spanish: - Topic: "Cuándo usar extensiones nativas en Rust: rendimiento accesible y seguro" (also basically about lessons learned from the Pants execution engine) - Abstract: - Registration: Not free, but your fees help fund the PSF, and you may be able to have your company reimburse you. We're really excited to have not one but two Pants-related talks at such a prestigious Python conference! (Our company, Toolchain Labs, will also have a virtual booth at the conference, where we'll presumably be talking about Pants and its uses for Python repos quite a bit.) Since these conferences are virtual, this is a great opportunity to participate without the cost and hassle of travel. So please consider registering, telling your friends, and promoting on social media. Cheers!
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