:wave: looking at our CI I noticed Pants (2.1.1) i...
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👋 looking at our CI I noticed Pants (2.1.1) is taking a long time resolving the 3rd party constraints (~3min) and can see many lines like this one:
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18:18:28.00 [INFO] Long running tasks:
  110.81s 	Resolving 3rdparty/python/constraints.txt
I could not figure out why, do you have any suggestion how to investigate/solve this?
We had perforamnce issues on this that ended up being related to slow disk speeds due to bad docker/vm configurations
Hey Fede, how long does that step take locally for you?
1-2 min
but I noticed this doesn't always happen
@clean-city-64472 do you remember what configurations changes you made to solve the problem?
For virtualbox, this is a good config
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I have had similar issues iwth disk speed on WSL in the past - in that case I'm not sure it was possible to fix.
I wonder if this should be added to the docs. Thoughts?
any suggestions on Docker config that might impact this? I'm seeing similar behavior.
@fast-nail-55400 this could be related to what you saw the other day with remote execution being slow, given the Docker use?
It wasn’t docker per se (rather an invocation into the container runtime), but it was the 3rdparty/python resolution step which was taking forever.