Hey all, I’m wondering if there’s any way to overr...
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Hey all, I’m wondering if there’s any way to override subsystem configs per target? In my specific case, I’m trying to add some extra environment variables to a pytest run. But it seems like this might be generally useful? I recall when using Gradle that most tasks are setup to take their defaults from an extension (think subsystem config), but then each value could be overridden on the individual task. Thanks for an awesome tool btw!
Hi! The way we do that when running tests is via conftest.py. There was a discussion about this yesterday, for the case of setting the Django setting module: https://pantsbuild.slack.com/archives/C046T6T9U/p1620157944256600
What's your use case?
@fast-library-54217 just checking to see that your issue was resolved satisfactorily?