FYI now redirects to <>
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FYI now redirects to
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Thoughts on it going the other way?
is easier to remember imo
migrating domains is a lot more work I suspect. But
is definitely "cooler" 😉
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That's more work than it's worth, and the redirect means it doesn't matter what you remember
Counterpoint is what link do we want others sharing on the project's behalf, e.g. when sending a link to a coworker? It's fine for core Pants contributors to use in talks etc, but users will probably copy and paste what they see in the domain bar is more memorable and shorter
Depending on how you have it hosted, you can make
both show the same content (CNAME instead of redirecting). But put a header that says the canonical url is
. Then down the road, look at redirecting the other way.
I prefer which signals that it's a nonprofit project. Also, in my experience there is always someone who instinctually tries to tack on ".com" to a domain like these. So we'd wind up having to deal with too and we don't own so...
That's fair. It is very important to the community that Pants is independent and not owned by a particular company
It's fine that and both exist and there's a redirect. Between coolness and accuracy, I prefer whatever gets people to the intended resource reliably.
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I see also that another problem is that a domain name like isn't reliably autoformatted/linked as a URL, for instance by Slack. 😆