I'm hoping to find a simple way to download a file...
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I'm hoping to find a simple way to download a file from the internet and cache it for future runs. Specifically this file is an executable that runs a DB emulator used in some tests. I know I can create an
and then a custom rule that uses that tool but that seems like a fair amount of work. What I was hoping for is a
type like
that is similar to
but I can then just use that as a dependency in tests that require the tool. That seems much easier as I'd pretty much just have to specify a URL and be done while
requires creating a class and a custom rule and then tests that require it can't do a simple
pants test some/thing/needing/emulator/::
because the custom rule wouldn't be
- so I think I'd need to create a new target type too and then connect the rule to the target, etc.
Something like https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/plugins-codegen would also work (I'm "generating" an executable file by downloading it) but again seems like a long way to go. I think what I want is something like
that takes a URL, downloads it and caches it.
We are also adding in the next 2-3 days a new plugin hook for doing set up before Pytest runs, which you'll be able to hook into so that you can set up the emulator before
IIUC @plain-carpet-73994 explicitly does not want to have to write a rule for this. He wants to just be able to configure it like a files dependency, except remote.
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You're right. I read too quickly, sorry. We could implement that via codegen. Not too difficult. The tricky part imo is the nuance of files vs resources and how that should be handled
Why does this have anything to do with codegen? There is no source file in play afaict
We're converting a URL to a source file. Codegen is how you do that currently Somewhat similar to using codegen for relocated_files