I have a mono repo (python and scala) that was wri...
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I have a mono repo (python and scala) that was written some time ago and that developer has left. It used pants.ini, and version 1.24 which is now deprecated. I am trying to update this infrastructure to 2.5 but I can’t find much info on scala support. For instance the build target scala_library is now invalid, most likely because I don’t have it enabled in the pants.toml. Any suggestions? thanks in advance
Hi! 2.x doesn't yet have Scala support (we are working on it). I'd recommend upgrading to 1.30.5rc0, which is a supported version, and has the 1.x Scala support but uses the "v2" engine for Python support.
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And then once we have Scala support in 2.x, the upgrade will be easier.
Thanks. I was really scratching my head thee…