OK. Next fun bit of BUILD file madness around awkw...
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OK. Next fun bit of BUILD file madness around awkward fixture usage. There are several files that glob over the fixtures like this: https://github.com/st2sandbox/st2/blob/pants/st2api/tests/unit/controllers/v1/test_pack_config_schema.py#L24-L26 That glob uses fixtures from this directory (specifically all of the packs that include a
file): https://github.com/st2sandbox/st2/tree/pants/st2tests/st2tests/fixtures/packs For the tests that use individual fixtures, I can import from a python file in the pack's subdir to make pants include the fixture. Is there a way to have a generic target that depends on all the targets with a
file (the globs vary slightly, but the one I linked to above is looking for fixture packs that include this file)? If so, I could probably have another subdir (maybe called
) that says it depends on all such targets. If not, any good ideas on how to make this pants-friendly?
there isn’t a way to depend on a glob of targets, but targets can own globs of files… so the most obvious fix would be to define a single target that owns all of the
files, and then explicitly add a dep on that
target to the code that depends on it
if it is a common pattern to have a set of loose files with a particular name next to a test target, you could add a macro that creates both a
target and the
target in one invoke: https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/macros
Targets can own lists of files, and lists of globs of files, so you can also enumerate, you don't have to concoct a single glob that covers all the files (I wasn't clear in your case if that was practical or not)
All of these config.schema.yaml files are already owned by targets which are used individually by a bunch of tests.
And I don't just want the
files, I also need everything else in the current target that includes that file.
If I add my own target, could I dynamically generate its dependencies so that it depends on the appropriate targets in subdirs?
ok. I found something that'll work. I have to register all of the packs in a generic
but it seems to be the simplest approach. https://github.com/st2sandbox/st2/commit/4fc6347d6d4812610e2fc6560362e1568cd3c8f4#diff-0a765a0e1409bcce280bee085b[…]219b4c63a442696f8d23216a525d882a
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