M1 processors have been in release since the fall ...
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M1 processors have been in release since the fall and are now in use by 6 device models cutting a wide swath across Apple's product line (iPad, Mini, Air, Pro, and iMac). M1 and Rosetta aren't mentioned in the Pants Build docs. We'd held back in hopes, I think, that a clear and stable solution would emerge upstream. Given that still hasn't happened, I think it's time to add to the docs whatever useful guidance we can offer, even if imperfect. Thoughts? Any preferences on where such info should be fit into the docs?
that would be great to add, thanks! perhaps on the Troubleshooting page, with links from a few places in Getting Started
@ancient-vegetable-10556 and @hundreds-father-404 seem to have developed the most expertise, such as it is, in this topic. I wonder if this might merit a blog post, where there's more latitude to mention things tried, dead ends that others can avoid, etc. Then the docs entry could be a brief "try ______", with a link to the post for the rest of the story.
I’ll talk with Eric on Monday to see if we agree on what things are interesting/relevant
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Thanks for bringing this up Carina!
Thank you to @hundreds-father-404 for blogging about M1 support https://blog.pantsbuild.org/how-we-added-apple-silicon-support-to-pants/, and Eric and @ancient-vegetable-10556 for adding this solution to the docs.