Is there any smooth way to integrate Pants with GC...
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Is there any smooth way to integrate Pants with GCP, specifically container registry and/or cloud run
What do you mean exactly?
having pants do it all for you might be a struggle at present, as there's no existing public docker/container plugin.
but you could do the container building outside of pants.
We'll probably want to start looking at Docker support soon, so getting a sense of use-cases would be great.
I don't know enough about GCP to make a sensible comment about anything specific to it
But adding comments to this ticket explaining what use-cases you have for Docker and how you envision Pants helping would be great:
For example, do you want to build Docker images with embedded pants-built binaries?
Do docker images built by Pants reference other docker images built by Pants (in
lines)? If so, how? Should Pants also be tagging the images for this purpose?
Lots of small design questions... 🙂
And a big one is: Is this about Pants running natively and invoking
on your behalf, setting up the context appropriately and so on? Or is it about running Pants inside a Docker container (which you can do today, but there's always room for improvement)?