Hey everyone, I'd like to use semantic version con...
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Hey everyone, I'd like to use semantic version constraints in my projects based on my pyproject files. Is there any experiments to make this work? If not, is it something I can write a pants plugin to do or would it require some re-architecture of internals to make pants work with something like poetry?
Hi Brian, do you mean you are using Poetry currently and would like to have Pants support it? If so, this very recently landed!
Yes! that's something I'd like
Here's some details about my use-case: In my monorepo I maintain different versions of many packages:
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python_architecture_linter (v1.0.0)
python_architecture_linter_cli (v0.2.0)
modular_provider_architecture_definition (v2.1.0)
And in-between there would be complex inter-dependencies, for example, the CLI might be able to use linter v0.9.0 and v1.0.0 In addition to that, other third-party dependencies. It might be that the .
package needs third-party `astroid`'s latest features but the
alone has no dependency on the "latest" feature so it can have a constraint against an older version.
It's still in early development but here is where I am so far in my project: https://github.com/Incognito/python-architecture-linter/
I was having a hard time finding the poetry extension but now I see it. Google lead me to the 2.0 docs instead of the latest ones. This looks like a great start, thanks for the hint 👍
Hm, you'll want to use 2.6, not 2.0: https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.6/docs/python-third-party-dependencies#poetry-integration But note that there was a bug we hotfixed and haven't yet released. You can consume the hotfix by setting the env var PANTS_SHA=0182de9814c7694eed2b9407e3577684db26ea2e
Awesome thank you 🙂 This will be my weekend hacking project for tomorrow.