I am wondering how everyone is using pants tailor?...
# general
I am wondering how everyone is using pants tailor? do you have it run in a git hook? or some automatically some other way? or only manually?
I think there's room to improve it, like adding a
option perhaps that will error if files are missing. Maybe even hook it up to
./pants lint
We would probably need a way to tell
./pants tailor
to ignore certain dirs tho, which right now you can use
but there may be a better approach
On my team we have an automated script that will run tailor and ensure BUILD files are up to date. This check also runs in our CI pipelines. Like @hundreds-father-404 said you have to be sure the
is up to date because it will target non-source roots (+1 for the
option and
./pants lint
integration). I think the git hook is a good idea. Developers can also run this check manually, we have a PyCharm external tool to help with this too.