Hi Folks, we're conducting our first Build Systems...
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Hi Folks, we're conducting our first Build Systems Survey - a comprehensive study of the developer workflow ecosystem. Help us gain insight into the tools and processes that developers use to orchestrate their work. Your feedback will help us develop new features, understand the challenges facing developers such as yourself, and grow the Pants community! Please complete this 15 minute survey and share your insights with us. As a token of our appreciation you'll be able to receive a piece of Pants-branded swag of your choice.  We'll be sharing aggregate information with the community, but your individual responses, or any data that could identify a single individual or company, will be kept private. Invite your friends and co-workers to take the survey, too. The more developers contribute to the study, the more representative it will be of the community. https://toolcha.in/survey2021b Thanks! ~ Benjy, on behalf of the Toolchain team,
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Going through the survey now. There is a question which puzzles me:
16. How satisfied are you with the tools available to maintain and optimize your builds/tests (e.g., gather metrics, identify bottlenecks)?
Could anyone explain what kind of tools does one refer here to? Thank you!
my guess is that refers to speeding up your build/test cycle?
yes there are many organizations out there with 3 hour CI cycles and they aren't sure how to make it faster.
ah got it!
Thanks for taking the survey, by the way. It's really valuable guidance for making sure Pants and other build tooling stays responsive to on-the-ground needs.