I see that there is an option to show all the outp...
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I see that there is an option to show all the output, failed output and
for pytest runs. Is there a way to show skipped and failed by default? When I try
./pants test --output=failed a/tests/python:: -- -rs
I only get failed. When I try
I also get the "passed" output.
I don't think there is such a way, but what would we show for skipped tests? They have no output
Oh, you want to see the pytest summary?
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I want to see how many tests are skipped.
I am using the lame-TDD method where I make the test first, realize I don't know enough to make a meaningful test so mark it as
, then I come back to it and whittle down my skipped tests until there are none.
I can deal with ignoring the number of passed tests, but thought I would ask in case it was possible to just focus on failed and skipped tests.
I guess what I would like to be able to do is pass
without also having to pass
And yes
short test summary info
is the most important thing in this because I use the
to help me pick up where I left off.
I think this would be straightforward to implement
But is it worth it? I looked at the pytest docs and it isn't a thing there.
Maybe if
./pants test --summary a/tests/python::
consolidated all the
short test summary info
into a single list that would create a one stop summary for the test run that would be easy to parse.
Let me try with ``--output=all` for a bit and if it feels overwhelming to deal with all the regular output, I'll make a feature request issue.