Another thought: I wonder if pants could orchestra...
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Another thought: I wonder if pants could orchestrate building wheels using poetry instead of building the wheels itself? Pants would collect the relevant files, put them in a temporary directory (a remote execution compatible env) and run poetry in that directory. Or might even expand pyproject.toml with additional poetry settings... Hmm.
Did you see the developments last week that we're doing a proof of concept for Poetry to generate lockfiles, rather than pip-compile or trying to teach Pex to do it? If that lands, it gets us closer and closer in the direction of Poetry integration like this
Not certain we can commit to that particular feature (although I don't see why not). But, yes, generally we want to empower you to work with what tools are best for your organization, including if Pants is only part of the equation. We're trying to reduce vendor lock-in etc
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what is the advantage you see in integrating poetry for wheel publishing? removing
from the equation, or something else?
consistency, if I'm using poetry for dependency management, I'd prefer to rely on everything else it does as well.
is a known quantity for me, while whatever pants is using is an unknown. And I didn't say wheel publishing, I said wheel building. I see build and publish as separate processes.
No, I didn't see the PoC to generate lockfiles. Sweet.