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🧵 about naming things for the lockfile project, "lockfile" vs "resolve":
I've been using "lockfile" this whole time, but @witty-crayon-22786 has been encouraging "resolve". I think I better understand why now. The idea of "named resolves" makes it more obvious to me, where you define a couple blessed resolves in `pants.toml`:
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default = "3rdparty/default_lockfile.txt"
py2 = "3rdparty/py2_lockfile.txt"
Then targets optionally choose which resolve to use:
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pex_binary(..., resolve="py2")
Using the name "resolve" shifts the focus from a file on disk to instead what that lockfile represents, like your "py2" lockfile or "data-science" lockfile does that sound right @witty-crayon-22786?
yep. and a lockfile is just the on-disk representation of a resolve. the lockfile doesn’t exist without the resolve
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If we want to use "resolve" over "lockfile" in most places, I think the naming would be for now: •
field • I think still
./pants generate-lockfiles
, given that you're not creating any new resolves - you're updating the on-disk file the resolves refer to • but then it would be
./pants generate-lockfiles --resolves=['black', 'py2']
to only do for certain resolves thoughts @witty-crayon-22786?
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sounds reasonable.