running into <an issue> setting dependencies with ...
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running into an issue setting dependencies with
in path names. created an example branch here:
on the example repo you can test this by running:
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./pants dependees app/
If you update the target to use the
directory, it works as expected.
ah the issue is that it thinks this is a file target, when it's a BUILD target. Hm. Could you please promote this to a GitHub issue?
Is using
acceptable, or you need to keep using
for the dir name?
We can work around this by setting a resource target a directory up set the sources to the
directories resources. So nothing blocking atm but I’d imagine
directory should be supported for BUILD targets.
will file an issue
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This ties in to thoughts we've had around "directory specs"
The idea is to make
./pants goal path/to/dir
is a directory mean "act on all the files under that dir", instead of what it means today, which is "act on the target
. In that future, all specs not containing a colon would be considered to represent files/directories, and we wouldn't need to rely on vaguer heuristics like a
indicating a file.
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