Quick question, has anyone here used poetry with a...
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Quick question, has anyone here used poetry with a custom pypi registry and self-signed certs successfully? (for using as a source, not publish) Looks like it ought to work, as there’s configuration for it, but I keep getting SSL errors (however setting
solves it, but is not a workable approach, since that breaks for
) I see there’s a ton of open issues wrgt certificates in the poetry repo already, so there’s clearly issues in the area.. If not, I’ll keep investigating…. [poetry PRs submitted]
Pants should be plumbing its certs option through to poetry as an env var for you but I don't think there has been any attempt yet to wire up that sort of thing: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/blob/70f0cd78db860b86c8a611e658e745dffa3f04fc/src/python/pants/backend/python/subsystems/poetry.py#L68-L83
We're not handling custom indexes, etc.
In this case, I run poetry alongside pants (for dependency management) so that wouldn’t change anything, unless we also integrate the dependency features of poetry.
Aha - weel we do for lockfile generation where all I said applies.
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I thought you were using that.
Been there too, forced, as I use some pytest plugins, which seems to mess with the constraints. I’m not sure.. :p
OK, just as a follow up here.. I tracked down the root cause, and filed some fixes for it, see if they get accepted.. https://github.com/python-poetry/poetry-core/pull/196 https://github.com/python-poetry/poetry/pull/4486 https://github.com/python-poetry/poetry/pull/4488