Hey Folks - I'm trying to get a new pants v1 proje...
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Hey Folks - I'm trying to get a new pants v1 project spun up, and I am following the "Getting Started > Installing Pants" guide: https://v1.pantsbuild.org/install.html I'm running into an error on the first set of commands:
To set up Pants in your repo, we recommend installing our self-contained 
 bash script in the root (i.e. the "build root") of your repo:
curl -L -O https://pantsbuild.github.io/setup/pants && chmod +x pants
To verify that Pants bootstraps correctly, run:
./pants --version
That first command installs pants v2 - and then
./pants --version
yells at me because I don't have a
file with the version in it.
Hello! Hm yeah those docs have bit rotted a lot, sorry about that! Pants 1.30 still supports pants.toml. Run this:
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printf '[GLOBAL]\npants_version = "1.30.4"\n' > pants.toml
./pants --version
should work
Please do eagerly reach out for help like this, I imagine there might be other issues like this that we're happy to help with
That works! Thanks
And yeah will do 👍 - our projects are in Go, so v1 is our only option until v2 supports it.
Cool, Go support is under active development for v2!
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