Hi all! We hit an issue where `pip install -r cons...
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Hi all! We hit an issue where
pip install -r constraints.txt
works fine, but pants resolving constraint hit this error:
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pants.engine.process.ProcessExecutionFailure: Process 'Resolving constraints.txt' failed with exit code 1.
ERROR: Failed building wheel for fastparquet
FileExistsError: [Errno 17] File exists: '/private/var/folders/sp/r6qw31k954q4r3ytv2psppr80000gp/T/process-execution0CgoPz/.tmp/pip-req-build-phat6ajh/.eggs/numpy-1.21.2-py3.7-macosx-10.16-x86_64.egg'
ERROR: Failed cleaning build dir for fastparquet
ERROR: Failed to build one or more wheels
This is when building on Mac OS. And only one of our teammates hit this error, the rest (also using mac OS) built successfully. Any clue?