Hi all,  I'm very pleased to announce our newest ...
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Hi all,  I'm very pleased to announce our newest Pants Maintainer, @curved-television-6568! Since joining the Pants community just a few months ago, Andreas has made several prominent contributions, notably including adding Docker support. He's been engaged with the community, answering user questions on Slack and making new users feel welcome.  Given Andreas's commitment and contributions to the Pants project, we're happy to have him join the core Maintainer group, to help drive the project forward to ever greater success. Please join me in thanking Andreas for his contributions so far, and congratulating him on this well-deserved recognition!
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huzzah! congratulations @curved-television-6568: well deserved.
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Incredibly well-deserved. Congratulations @curved-television-6568 and thank you for all you bring to this community.
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