Hi Pants! I'm following <this guide> to set up my ...
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Hi Pants! I'm following this guide to set up my IDE with pants, but failed at this step:
Pants sets up its development virtualenv at 
. Point your editor to the 
 file in this folder, e.g. 
I currently have this in my environment but no
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❯ ls ~/.cache/pants
lmdb_store   named_caches setup
Any help?
have you run
in the repo yet?
the venv should be setup whenever you run the
if it does not exist
So, those instructions are specific to the pantsbuild/pants repo itself, they are for people hacking on Pants.
The venv that @fast-nail-55400 is referring to is the one that contains the pants code, and is probably not the one you care about?
These instructions are probably more relevant: https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/setting-up-an-ide
@fast-nail-55400 Yes I have but I don't have that directory. @happy-kitchen-89482 Thanks for the explanation! Yah that makes more sense. Let me follow this one instead.
Yeah I had assumed you meant the pants repo since you had quoted the pants_dev_deps stuff. Sorry about that!