Hi Team, I'm trying to build the wheels on arm64 m...
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Hi Team, I'm trying to build the wheels on arm64 machine but I'm facing the following error:
pants.pantsd.process_manager.ProcessManager.Timeout: exceeded timeout of 60 seconds while waiting for pantsd to start
Could you please help me with this?
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Hi Hirni! That pantsd fails to start indicates there is something wrong, I’m guessing with configuration environment or something else on your end. In
in your project root (from where you run
is log files that may show more information about what it is that is causing
to not being able to start properly.
I'm running it on GitHub Actions. It worked few days ago. But now even after reversing the changes done after that, it's not running.
Hm ok. Not sure how to assist with that, as I’ve no experience with GitHub Actions. In a few hours the rest of the maintainers will wake up, and I’m sure they’ll have some tips&tricks for you to try.
@wooden-stone-7624 the easiest path to debug is to add
to the CI command line. If the error is not pantsd specific, but early in the startup process, that will flush error logs to the console instead of having them re-directed to pantsd logs.