Hello everyone - myself and the company that I wor...
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Hello everyone - myself and the company that I work for would like to use Pants big times. Our code is Python based and it has grown large enough to become hard to package and deploy since it takes significant time. We would like to have a build system that will detect the relevant changes and do the relevant work based on the changes. So we chose to go with Pants and it seems promising. My question is this: Is there a service that can be provided to guide us and help us during this transition to Pants?
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Hi John! You’ll get good support from the community here, for free 😉 Besides that, there’s https://toolchain.com/ the company behind the Pants build system. According to their website, they are in closed beta, but could always be worth getting in touch with them (which in a way you already have, by posting here..)
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Hi John! And thanks for the shout-out Andreas! Yes indeed, we can help with this.
I will follow up by DM