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re: Remote Caching (and eventually execution). We're just using a self hosted TeamCity at the moment and Pants + Remote Caching could really speed our build up. If we where to pick one of the suggested compatible servers: Build[Barn|Farm|Grid] what are folks opinions on which we should pick? Minimum maintenance (but self hosted) and speed are our main concerns and right now remote caching is our goal but we don't want to rule out remote execution.
<plug>My company, Toolchain, offers remote caching specifically for Pants, currently in beta</plug>
Oh, but it is not yet set up for self-hosting
Thanks anyway, I'll check out the tool and the pricing and maybe give it a try 🙂
Closed beta, so feel free to DM me on that 🙂
As a member of that closed beta, it works great, and the Toolchain folks are super helpful
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