Pants 2.7.1 is building my `.pex` with the sheban...
# general
Pants 2.7.1 is building my
with the shebang
#!/usr/bin/env python3.8
despite my pants.toml telling it to use python3.9
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interpreter_constraints = ["CPython==3.9.*"]
And the platforms being set to 3.9
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    platforms=["linux_x86_64-cp-39-cp39", "macosx_11.0_x86_64-cp-39-cp39"],
The same happens if I set the bex_binary's
I'm not sure why the shebang is defaulting to that value, but you can always specify it directly with the
field on `pex_binary`:
Yeah this is what I ended up doing... But I'd like it if while educating my colleagues on Pants I didn't have to explain this away as a weirdness or bug I've had to work around (which it probably isn't). Doing this properly will definitely help me push this forward as a good solution to our problems.
Ok. Well, if viewed as a bug, it's a bug in Pex. Pex uses a shebang of
#!/usr/bin/env pythonX.Y
is taken from the interpreter used to execute the Pex CLI in this case of a pure
PEX. So Pants is running Pex with python 3.8 (probably because that's the Python Pants itself is running with - which need no match your code's interpreter constraints at all). For PEXes that use only `--platform`like yours, any interpreter will do when running the Pex CLI since
is shorthand for "Build this PEX file for this - foreign - platform. I.E.: Only fetch pre-built wheels, never try to build sdists into wheels.". It might make sense for Pex to treat the pure
case specially, and iff all platforms in the list share the same Python major / minor version, use that for the X.Y in the shebang. Generally, though, multiplatform PEXes can span many major minors, say >=3.7,<3.10. In that general case Pex cannot pick a shebang that will always work. For example,
#!/usr/bin/env python
, which would be one obvious choice, might pick Python 2.7 on one machine, and that would be incorrect. So mayube
#!/usr/bin/env python3
? Same problem, might pick Python 3.6. Even weirder - on some distros, the
version of the - say - Python 3.7 binary, might not be installed at all. Although it's typical to have
its not done by all distributions.
Really, Pex trying to guess a shebang at all is probaly a misfeature. It should probably always force you to specify one since shebangs are very dependant on the machines you'll be deploying to.
Thanks for that explanation John 👍