Is it possible to build docker images across archi...
# general
Is it possible to build docker images across architectures? We are using
docker buildx
to build both x86 and arm containers and wondering if we can get this working with pants.
@curved-television-6568 thoughts? maybe a feature to add?
do you have any native dependencies without wheels built for them? if so, this relates to
That would be great to support. I have no personal experience with building images for multiple archs, so would need a little input to get going there..
I guess that it comes down to a) having docker setup properly, and b) creating the correct
incantations to build. Currently, we rely entirely on an existing docker setup, so that leaves what would be required for step b. Does that seem to cover it? Can we do more?
@witty-crayon-22786 we probably do and I we can work through that over time
yea. i think having the docker support for cross-building of images themselves is step one… after that,
support cross builds of the inputs