Is there an option to change the pex build hashban...
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Is there an option to change the pex build hashbang from #!usr/bin/env pyton to a pre-specified one (or set to the Python version resolved by Pants when running the goal (it is on AFS and so accessible outside of Pants' env)).
Well specifically if it's a
target. Which PEX are you referring to?
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Exactly what I wanted. I was sadly looking in the wrong place (
Can this be placed in pants.toml instead of always passing as cmdline arg? Getting errors when using [pex-binary] scope.
Looks like options on targets must be specified in the BUILD files? Global, goals and subsystems in pants.toml.
Yes, that is correct. BUILD files are for decentralized localized config (targets)
If you need to do this on many targets, you can create a macro to spare you the typing.