Hello just wondering if anybody has a mono-repo wi...
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Hello just wondering if anybody has a mono-repo with Python and Node.js and can use pants V2 to manage everything. I see a Pants NodeJs plugin for V1 of Pants, but wondering if there was anybody working on something for V2?
I don’t think there’s anyone working on node support for V2, yet. See https://www.pantsbuild.org/page/language-support for up-to-date information. This is rather high on list of languages to add support for next, can’t recall right now where I read that, though.
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Yes, we'd certainly be interested in partnering with an organization on that. Even speccing what Node.js support means, in the context of the crowded JS ecosystem, is a challenge for us to define without considerable input from users.
Would be happy to pitch in if there is something we can help on.