# general


12/08/2021, 7:56 PM
similar to this "ability to run tests in a docker container" request, I'm wondering if there is a plan to support running a pex binary target within a docker container, but without adding it to the Dockerfile manually so that the same docker image can be used for general development of many different targets. Or if there is a recommended existing flow? The end goal would be to enable developers to have as little execution environment setup on their own machines as possible and instead use the consistent docker environment that we've defined. My current flow is during local development to volume mount my local directory into a docker container, and run
docker run -it -v ... -- rm docker_image:latest './pants run <pex binary target>'
This does work, but the docker command is really wordy, and when I pass it off to my team I will probably add an interface layer with scripts or 
 to alias things. Ideally we could work only from the pants interface though! this thread seem to be related: thanks!