I have a target generator question :thread:
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I have a target generator question 🧵
Say I have a
file. Using the
target I can turn that into a bunch of generated
targets. Now, if I change one of the requirements in
, is there a way to single out that
target so I don’t have to rebuild everything that depends on any generated target from those requirements, but only the one that was actually changed?
I’m using the
option, and that treats the whole file as a single unit, which is a bit unfortunate (I have another target gen using another kind of input source file)
Hmm… I realise that this is perhaps not really possible, but that I should instead split my input source files into smaller units, and source them with a glob instead…
OK, so a bit of my confusion may come from this fact:
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$ ./pants dependees mirror/images.txt 
09:30:53.15 [ERROR] 1 Exception encountered:

  ResolveError: No owning targets could be found for the file `mirror/images.txt`.

Please check that there is a BUILD file in the parent directory mirror with a target whose `sources` field includes the file. See <https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.9/docs/targets> for more information on target definitions.

You may want to run `./pants tailor` to autogenerate your BUILD files. See <https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.9/docs/create-initial-build-files>.

If you would like to ignore un-owned files, please pass `--owners-not-found-behavior=ignore`.

$ ./pants peek mirror:mirror
    "address": "mirror:mirror",
    "target_type": "docker_mirror_images",
    "description": null,
    "overrides": {},
    "source_raw": "images.txt",
    "sources": [
    "tags": null
From what
tells me, my target gen
as its sources, so why do I get the unowned file error above.. ?
Ah, the generator target itself is excluded… hmm… OK, I think I recall something regarding this from the generator discussions, so I understand it is due to not producing confusing output with
list ::
So it’s a gotcha that target generators that has input source(s), need to also generate targets for those inputs, and add dependencies to those as needed, then, I guess.. makes kind of sense to be able to control the behaviour here on a per generator basis. (would love some docs on target generators 😁 unless I’ve missed them)
OK - so that solved it.
is this using
as provided by Pants? Reminder that is using the old CAOF API rather than target generators
No it’s a custom generator, so not using CAOF.
Used the
as example, as it has the same semantics from a user perspective.